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Toys For Bunnies: Make Cheap Toys For Your Bunny

Hello everyone!
Today's topic is toys for bunnies: make cheap toys for your bunny.
Last time I was writing about bunny teeth care. I mentioned there how important it is to give things to your bunny that he can chew to keep wearing off his teeth. Before I start writing about toys for bunnies and how can you make cheep toys for your bunnies, I suggest you start reading blog from beginning if you haven't read it already: bunnies as pets.

Toys for bunnies: cheap toy (paper bag)
Bunnies are playful pets. They love to run, chew, jump around, anything but to stay at one spot. If you have one I believe you understand me. They need toys more than cats and dogs need them. If your bunny doesn't have toys to play with, he will find something in your house to play with. I believe you will agree with me that carpets, and shoes are not cheap toys, at all. And besides that they are not the best toys for your bunnies to play with, either.
Not many toys for your bunny can be found on the market . And even if you find few toys, they won't be cheap toys, that is sure thing. If you try to understand that your bunny cares only about chewing, throwing things around, rolling thing and making noises when they land on the floor, you will see that you don't need to buy things for that purpose. And, besides, it is great fun making toys for your bunnies.
Every bunny has different personality. What one bunny likes, other one, of course, can ignore it. You have to experiment with toys. See what does your bunny like.

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So, what are the best and cheapest toys for your bunnies?
I will start from my Gary. He loves bags. All sorts of bags. Paper bags are his favorite toys, though. Every time I buy something I bring him one paper bag. They like to play with plastic ones too, but keep those away from your bunnies. Bunnies will eat plastics, which is not healthy for them (for anyone). The good thing about these bags is that they are multifunctional toys. First of all they are cheap toys. Bunnies can chew them, and train their jaws and sharpen their teeth that way. They can use them as shelter (their safe place to run from unusual sounds). Jumping on the bags is an other way of having fun. They are just enjoying sound of paper being scrambled, or just torn apart.

Toys for bunnies: cheap toys (fun and tasty)
Empty roll of toilet paper is an excellent choice. They can bite it, roll it on the floor or throw it around. To make it even more interesting for your bunny to play with toilet paper rolls, you can try filling the tunnel with some hay. So it will be fun and tasty. You can try cutting edges in different shapes, and then folding the shapes toward outside. It will make it easier for them to bite it.

Willow toys are an other thing that you can make for your bunny. Balls and huts made out of weaved together willow twigs, is great fun for most rabbits. You can weave them together, just find some nice willow trees and choose a few nice twigs and twine them in and out of each other.

Toys for bunnies: cheap toys
(willow balls)

Bunnies like obstacles. They love to jump over things, or to crawl under something, or to go trough tunnels. So you can make a tunnel out of cardboard. No need to explain that (:D). You can put more effort in it, and use 2 or three cardboard boxes. Those can be put together, and connected by a tunnel, or a hole in their walls. Make a training polygon out of cardboard boxes. Be innovative!

Packages of cereal is great source of fun for your bunnies too. They can bite it, jump on it, or even enter the package (if bunny is small enough :)). 
Towels are good toys too. Towels, old scarf, some old pieces of clothes. Make humps of those things. Your bunny will be happy to go on it, and trough it. Bunnies like to push things between front and back legs using front legs. Old clothes and towels are just perfect for it. 
If you, or someone close to you have a baby. You can "steal" one toy and give it to the bunny. They will enjoy those bright colors, and ringing sound those toys make when thrown around. I suggest you use a plastic ball with ring, or something in it that can make sounds when manipulated. 

Try with corks and plastic bungs. 
Anithing that comes across of your mind. Use simple solutions and imagination to make cheap toys for your pets. Toys for bunnies are easy to be made. They don't ask for much. Just be innovative.
I hope this Toys For Bunnies: Make Cheap Toys For Your Bunnies post was useful. If so, tell me. If not, ask what do you want to know. I will do my best to answer, and to update the post with new information.

Thank you for your time.

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