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Toys Made of Hay for Bunnies and Rabbits

Bring play and fun to your bunny's life with these awesome toys made of hay! You rabbits will never be happier! 

There is number of possibilities to make your bunny or rabbit happier. Mix their favorite things (food and play) and you will have ever loving rabbit, who will never regret he is with you. If you own a bunny or more, you certainly know they are playful pets, and they require toys in order to keep them busy enough not to think about chewing and biting your furniture.
In other post, I was writing about their need to chew things, in order to wear down their ever growing teeth.

Bunny Teeth Care

Follow the link and learn more about bunny teeth care. Why do you need to feed your bunny with hay, and why is fiber rich food good for your bunny! Excellent post that will tell you everything about hay, and other products from bunny diet. 

Check these awesome toys made of hay! Toys for perfect fun moments for your adorable bunny!

Super Pet Rabbit Rollin' The Hay Holder:

I have to admit that this rolling the hay holder is my bunny's favorite toy. It is not just a toy, it is also source of good old, tasty hay, that my Gary adores! He can't stop playing with it. This way you can be sure your pet rabbit won't get bored, and plus you can stay assured he is wearing his teeth down properly. 
Hay is perfect source of fibers for your rabbit, and rotating hay is just the thing you must have to keep your little devils away from carpets, cables etc. 

This super pet rabbit rolling the hay holder is made of plastics and aluminium wire. It is perfectly safe for your loved ones. You can easily fill it with meadow hay just by taking one plastic side off. 

Peter's Woven Grass Play Ball:

Another awesome toy made of hay for your bunny!

This hay ball is an excellent way to ensure your bunny is having great time, while you are not around. Also, this way he won't be starving either. Provide hours of fun and healthy teeth care to your adorable bunny! 
If you own a rabbit, you are aware that they love to role things, bite them and trow around your house. This toy made of completely natural materials, is going to provide material for hours of rolling, chewing and trowing. 

Hanging Hay Rack for House Rabbits:

I bought this toy made of wood and hay few months ago and I can tell this is wonderful toy for any bunny. Our loving pets are crazy for things colored in bright, vivid colors. Also, they adore to "work for their meal". With this spinning hanging rack for house rabbits, hay will taste even better. 

Don't worry about the safety. This wood is colored using safe colors for your house pet. Hay can be placed easily in this hanging rack, and in few seconds, the treat is ready for your rabbit. Make their day rich in colors and fun!

I hope you like the choice of toys I put in this post. I checked them all, and this is my recommendation. My Gary was and still is very happy to have these hangers and rollers filled with hay to play.
I guarantee every bunny and rabbit will be thrilled to play with such toys made of hay. Endless source of fun and food!

Which hay is the best for your bunny:

Earlier I posted about proper food to feed your bunny with. This time I will just give few advices on issues relating to this topic: Toys Made of Hay for Bunnies and Rabbits.
In order to be fully informed about proper bunny diet program, I recommend you to read this post:
Hay and Vegetables to Feed your Bunny with.

There is no better treat for your pet than meadow hay. Of all types of dry grass, this type is the best, and the most useful to ensure proper teeth wear.

Thank you!

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