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Bunnies: Moult, Bathe and Fur Care

Tips and Tricks about Bunnies: What Do You Need to Know about Moult, Bathe and Fur Care!

How often do bunnies moult? Can you bathe bunnies, and how often to do that? What is the best way to provide proper fur care for your house bunny? 
If you are owner of one or more of these precious creatures, you have asked these questions at least once. Here you can find the most important information on these topics. 

bunnies moult bathe fur care
I like to compare rabbits to cats. In many aspects, those animals are quite similar. They self-groom, they are odorless, clean animals, and pretty much silent. 
That is why I love rabbits. They need minimum of the care, and lots of love and cuddling. They basically clean themselves by constant licking. They do it all the time, when these is nothing more important to do. 
After this it is easy to assume what the answer to those questions would be. But in some specific situations, things get complicated. 
What to do in such occasions? 
Please, keep reading!

What Should a Bunny Owner Know about Moulting of Rabbits? 

Small tricks of bunny fur care!

Bunnies have thin, soft hair, and the season of moulting causes head aches to their owners. This is understandable, because it is quite difficult to clean it of your carpets and furniture. There are few simple fur care tricks that can be applied during moulting seasons.

How often do bunnies/rabbits moult and how  to prevent the consequences?

They moult few times during a year. It depends on the outer temperature. If they are kept in house, they shed every 2 to 3 months, with the peaks in the summer and during the winter (central heating).
Younger bunnies shed discretely, but with the years coming, they star loosing more and more hair, making this process more and more problematic for their owners.
You have to have in mind, that not every moult is the same. In practice, it is proven that every second shedding is more intense.
In older rabbits, it is not rare for them to loose fur completely from their back, or side. This is nothing to be afraid of: it is completely normal, and the fur will return in few weeks, after the shedding is over.
Above and to the right, you can see couple of Amazon products. Those are brushes for proper grooming of your pet. They are perfect for taking away the success of the hair. Since rabbits self-groom, they ingest lots of shedding fur, which can be dangerous in the way of forming clogs in their gastrointestinal tract, and thus leading to gastointestinal stasis (complication of severe moult in rabbits).

To prevent this, and annoying hairballs on your carpet and furniture, use these special brushes to groom your pet once of twice a day. They will love it, and you will ease the pain moult is causing to you. 

Should You Bathe Your Bunny/Bunnies? When is the Rabbit Ready for Bath?

Every pet owner should know that their pet rabbits should never be bathed. Not just that they don't like the water, which is an other similarity to cats, but the water can be very dangerous for them. Even if there is only small amount of it. If immersed into the water, rabbits can suffer from shock and die. This can happen even if there is just an inch of it in bath tub. 

But our pets are known for curiosity, and there are lots of situations when they get so dirty, that something has to be done. So, in those cases, you can bathe them, but you should read how.

You need to place a towel into the bath tub, to prevent your pet loosing a grip.
Don't use shower, and don't immerse bunny into the water. Never shower his head. When bathing, only back, legs and tail can be in contact with water. Try to keep wet area at the minimum size. Use small bottle or cup as water holder. 
On the right side you can see the best choices for shampoo. Use one of those, that are mild and organic, to wash out the dirt from his fur.
After you have gently washed filthy are of bunny's fur, wrap him into the dry towel, and lift him into your arm. Hold him tightly to prevent moving, and jumping (they can hurt themselves in attempt to run away).
Don't use hair dryer, but keep bunny in warm til hi dries up. 
Always offer treat, to ease the stress caused by bathing. 
Note: your pet will keep licking himself after bathe is done. This is more like defense mechanism, and this is nothing to be worried about, if the proper shampoo is used, and washed out properly.

More about bunny hygiene: Bunny as Pets: Improving Hygiene.

I hope this post was helpful. Feel free to ask anything that remained unsaid.

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Delicious Organic Snacks for Pet Bunnies

Treat your Bunny with These Healthy Delicious Organic Snacks Made for Pet Bunnies!

Earlier I was writing about pellets, or dried food products rich in vitamins, but not so rich in fibers. Pellets and not snacks, at least they are not healthy snacks for your house bunny. They do consider them delicious, and they are organic, but pellets are carbs, which I don't recommend to be used often to feed your pet.

More about pellets you can read in this article:

Pellets and other snacks for your bunny
It is important to know which food is good and which is bad for your pet rabbit. Some food can be offered to bunnies on regular basis, and other bunnies shouldn't eat more than twice a week.
Learn how to organize your pet's diet in order to prevent serious diseases!

delicious organic snacks for pet bunnies
Rabbit snacks
What do you need to know about various types of snacks for bunnies? 

Are they safe for your pet bunny, and how often can you offer it to him?

First, you need to know something about gastrointestinal tract in rabbits, and the influence bad food has on it. In compare to human GI tract, main intestinal flora is consisted of Escherichia (lactobacillus in humans). While humans need to eat carbs in order to keep number of lactobacillus consistent, rabbits need to eat as many fiber rich food as possible. In their case, carbs are strictly forbidden given in high quantities, or given often. 
If you feed you house rabbit with lots of carbs, you can cause slowing down the GI motility, GI stasis, and later even ileus (gastrointestinal blockage). 
With fruit products, you need to be cautious, for very simple reason. That is because, while fruits are good in the way they are rich in fibers, they are also dangerous because of the high level of sugar. You have to choose proper combination and dosage for the best health of your loved ones. 

What type of delicious organic snacks to choose for your pet bunnies?

I choose only the best organic snacks for my Gary the Bunny!

These Vitakraft products you can see on the right, are perfect organic treats for your bunnies. There are various products in their product list, from all sorts of sticks (carrot, popcorn and alfalfa sticks...) to berry and yogurt drops.

Giving those snacks to your bunny once a day between meals you are making your loved one happier than ever, and plus you are providing essential ingredients for the best health of the pet rabbit.

This is great way to provide high quality and fun chewing exercise for them, insuring proper teeth wear down. Animals just like us are crazy about treats. In case of rabbits, treats are something a bit different from our sweets. While we can eat chocolate and cookies, your pets will have a lot more fun if you provide organic carrot and popcorn snacks for them. Snack made of fruits and vegetables that are allowed for your pets, are recommended for every day use. On the other hand, chocolate and other sweets are forbidden in bunny's diet!

More snacks for pet bunnies on Amazon:

I hope you have found enough high quality organic snacks for your pet bunnies here. I have presented you those I buy for my Gary, and I hope your rabbit will enjoy them as much as mine does.

Until next time, cheers!

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Toys Made of Hay for Bunnies and Rabbits

Bring play and fun to your bunny's life with these awesome toys made of hay! You rabbits will never be happier! 

There is number of possibilities to make your bunny or rabbit happier. Mix their favorite things (food and play) and you will have ever loving rabbit, who will never regret he is with you. If you own a bunny or more, you certainly know they are playful pets, and they require toys in order to keep them busy enough not to think about chewing and biting your furniture.
In other post, I was writing about their need to chew things, in order to wear down their ever growing teeth.

Bunny Teeth Care

Follow the link and learn more about bunny teeth care. Why do you need to feed your bunny with hay, and why is fiber rich food good for your bunny! Excellent post that will tell you everything about hay, and other products from bunny diet. 

Check these awesome toys made of hay! Toys for perfect fun moments for your adorable bunny!

Super Pet Rabbit Rollin' The Hay Holder:

I have to admit that this rolling the hay holder is my bunny's favorite toy. It is not just a toy, it is also source of good old, tasty hay, that my Gary adores! He can't stop playing with it. This way you can be sure your pet rabbit won't get bored, and plus you can stay assured he is wearing his teeth down properly. 
Hay is perfect source of fibers for your rabbit, and rotating hay is just the thing you must have to keep your little devils away from carpets, cables etc. 

This super pet rabbit rolling the hay holder is made of plastics and aluminium wire. It is perfectly safe for your loved ones. You can easily fill it with meadow hay just by taking one plastic side off. 

Peter's Woven Grass Play Ball:

Another awesome toy made of hay for your bunny!

This hay ball is an excellent way to ensure your bunny is having great time, while you are not around. Also, this way he won't be starving either. Provide hours of fun and healthy teeth care to your adorable bunny! 
If you own a rabbit, you are aware that they love to role things, bite them and trow around your house. This toy made of completely natural materials, is going to provide material for hours of rolling, chewing and trowing. 

Hanging Hay Rack for House Rabbits:

I bought this toy made of wood and hay few months ago and I can tell this is wonderful toy for any bunny. Our loving pets are crazy for things colored in bright, vivid colors. Also, they adore to "work for their meal". With this spinning hanging rack for house rabbits, hay will taste even better. 

Don't worry about the safety. This wood is colored using safe colors for your house pet. Hay can be placed easily in this hanging rack, and in few seconds, the treat is ready for your rabbit. Make their day rich in colors and fun!

I hope you like the choice of toys I put in this post. I checked them all, and this is my recommendation. My Gary was and still is very happy to have these hangers and rollers filled with hay to play.
I guarantee every bunny and rabbit will be thrilled to play with such toys made of hay. Endless source of fun and food!

Which hay is the best for your bunny:

Earlier I posted about proper food to feed your bunny with. This time I will just give few advices on issues relating to this topic: Toys Made of Hay for Bunnies and Rabbits.
In order to be fully informed about proper bunny diet program, I recommend you to read this post:
Hay and Vegetables to Feed your Bunny with.

There is no better treat for your pet than meadow hay. Of all types of dry grass, this type is the best, and the most useful to ensure proper teeth wear.

Thank you!