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Bunnies as Pets: Bunny Spay and Neuter Explanation

You want to know more on bunny spay and neuter topic? Your bunny pet has grown into adult male of female bunny, and he/she is now acting inappropriate? Well, hormons and urges are strange thing, let me tell you that!

Before I continue writing on bunny spay and neuter topic, I am recommending you start reading this blog from beginning to keep up with important things for this topic: Bunnies as Pets.

Do you stil think spaying and neutering
 is out of the option?

I have been asked yesterday by one bunny owner, if he should get his bunny to vet for neutering. Bunny neuter, or spay policy is clear: domestic bunnies should be neutered and spayed for various reasons. 

Bunny spay and neuter corner: 
What do you know about bunny behaviour when hormons strike?

If you don't spay or neuter your bunny then he/she will become more and more agressive. Biting is going to become even greater problem, and your bunny is going to start humping on everone and everything. Your leg could be first victim! As every animal, and human being, bunnies have urges, and needs. If there is no other bunny to help him furfill those needs, than your bun is going to become agressive. 
I bet you are asking yourself if spaying and neutering hurts your bunny. And if he is going to hate you afterwards?
I understand you completely, here. It is relly not easy to make steps toward such procedure if you love and cherish your bun. But, the procedures are relly simple, and not that painful to your bunny as you would guess. 
On the other hand, you are releasing your bunny from a state of anxiety. In case of female bunnies, you really have to spay them. Most of female bunnies will get ovarial cancer in frist 4 years of their life, if not spayed. 
This medical excusse is not in place for male bunnies, but it will ease his life, that is for sure.

Some of you think would it be better if you get male and female bunny together. Would that be better than spay female and neuter male bunny? 
If you own female bunny, I already explaind there is reasonable medical excuse for doing that! Ovarial cancer is not good thing, and you should spare your beloved bun of that!
If you get female bun for your male bun, then you can expect to soon have a nice big group of lil bunnies jumping around and colonizing your house. 

The simplest solution possible, for you and your bunny, is to do spaying and neutering.
Only vet can perform this!

You should know there are some possible complications of this procedure, but they are rare. Every medical procedure has risk of complications. And here, good reasons overdo the bad ones, when it is about bunny spay and neuter. 

I hope you have found information you needed. I hope this post was useful to you! Let me know, and leave the comment!


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