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First Steps

Hello, dear readers!

In the last post I was writing a little introduction, to prepare and explain what can you expect visiting this blog of mine. I promised I will write about Gary's life in his new home for past 4 months. But I want this blog to be educative, in first place. So, in first post I will use my 4 months experience with Gary to explain how should you act when and after you meet your bunny (best friend for life)! After all, this is blog about bunnies as pets! Isn't it? :)

If you didn't read my first post, you can still do that following this link: bunnies as pets- intro . You can see first online posted photo of little Gary just after the link.

OK, Gary has left the box. :) Those first steps into new territory were stressful. I have to remind you that rabbits for thousands of years of evolution were always a prey. and never a hunter. They adapted to harsh environment they were living in. Been extremely cautious all the time is one of the adaptments. Eventually, with the time passing by, they can learn to trust you. But still, some new noises, new people and situations will force them to run away into their safe corner.

So, don't say my Gary was a coward. :p It took him only 6 hrs to leave the box and enter the room. For the next 3 hrs, he was just going to apple slices we brought for him and back to his box. Then he felt free to make new brave steps: going further and drinking a water, then going behind the box and finally approaching me and my girlfriend (carefully, sniffing all the time). This is new moment when I should mark that sniffing is what they do for 80% of their time. One cute and adorable behaviour, but pretty useful one too. Bunnies learn about the world using ears and nose, mostly. Their eyes are capable of seeing things, but lets say, they won't read lots of stuff in their life time. :) Their eyes are strategically placed so they can see in almost every direction at once. But if you put something right in front of them, they won't be able to see it.

So, they use eyes to see possible danger coming from distance, but in environment like living rooms, they mostly use nose and ears. So, sniffing is No.1 activity in they life. :)

After introducing to us, Gary understood there is no threat from us to him. I am sure he got that. But be careful for next few days. On every fast and unexpected move you make, bunnies will run away from you. So, in first week, let them do things their way. They will come when they want that. Let them think they have freedom to choose, and that you are not forcing them to anything.

They love to explore things, and new territories. They will have lots of fun sniffing around your house. So, for time being, give them space to do their job. They will come to you when they are ready.

In the meantime I will talk about what should be ready for them before you get them to your house/ apartment. Some owners like to keep them in cages, others like to have cage where they can sleep in, and for the day light they would let them run in the house. There are also bunnies owners like I: I don't have cage, and I share my apartment with him. Bunnies as pets is a blog that will promote free bunnies (no cages).
I have to write a word or two about those cages. Bunnies love cables, carpets, all sort of house materials (including the walls), and they will use every opportunity to try and eat it. So, I completely understand why people like to keep them in cages while they are not around to look over their beloved bunnies. But there are few steps you can make to prevent them eating all around. For example, you can move all you cables away, and hide them in places where they can't reach them (behind furniture, high above their jumping range...). But if you still want a cage for you bunny, here we go. You can find small, medium and large sized cages for your pet. It would be great if you could connect a cage and a bunny house, so they can move between those two places. You can buy them, or make them (this is probably the most economical, and both fun and creative choice to do). The important thing is that you have a space for food and water. If you choose to lay a hay down on the bottom of the cage, rabbits will use it as a food.

I think this should be enough for today. Tomorrow I will write more about sanitation issues, place to eat, place to sleep and place to play fir your bunny.
Thank you for visiting my blog, and stay tuned for more info.


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