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Hi, everyone!

This is my first post on this blog. And I am going to explain what am I going to write about here, on this very blog.

I got a strange, and funny little pet 4 months ago. My girlfriend bought it for my birthday as a present. As you may guess it was bunny. Little bunny with grey fur. Lion-head type bunny(I will mention later that there are lots of sorts of bunnies- almost not possible to count them all :)).

My little family member, Gary.
At the first I knew nothing about bunnies. I was even surprised to hear people actually have bunnies as pets. As time was passing by I felt need to browse on the net for various things about bunnies (what to feed them with, how to learn them about where to do their needs, are they able to be taught about anything, how long their life spam was, what kind of need they ask for etc.).

On this blog, I am going to share all those things I learned about, with you. From my experience I can tell it is hard to find all answers you need about these little animals on one place. Also, if you know lots of them, more than me, you can share your ideas with me here on this blog, using comments. I will appreciate every advice or funny situation you can share with me. I will also post from time to time some of funny moments I had with my little Gary.

I will try to update this topic as often as I can. First I will talk about my experience with Gary I had in last 4 months. Later, in next posts I will talk about food that is best for bunnies, about their habits, best ways to play with, and other things you need to know before buying one.

My great adventure started on September 22nd 2011. When I came home, first thing I saw was a paper box  with something moving in it. My gf asked me to open it, and said it was a birthday present. I was scared, I must admit. Not many ppl like opening boxes with something moving in it, and scratching the walls. Am I right? :D

When I saw him first time, he was so frightened, he tried to melt with one of the corners in the box. :D For long time he was scared to move out off it, and meet us. We didn't want to force him to anything. Just wanted him to feel free and do first step by himself, when he was ready for it. I want to mark this: having bunnies as pets is one great story full of play and fun, but often you have to understand that there is so little needed to scare them out.

You need to be patient, and encourage them not to be afraid. That you will protect them. They must know they can feel safe around you. In first days, it is hard to achieve this goal. But it want take you more than 5 days for it.

I think this is enough for my first blog post. Visit this blog tomorrow to see what happened after Gary left his box, and entered whole new world needed to be explored (his new home for a long time).

Here you can check out lots of interesting stuff about other pets too: http://www.squidoo.com/petdaycare .

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