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Bunny Language And Behavior

Today I will write something about bunny language and bunny behavior.

In the latest post I've been writing about food, and feeding your bunnies. I mentioned then that it is important to ensure that your rabbit has something to grind his teeth of ,in order to wear them off. Their teeth grow constantly during their lifetime. So it is important to ensure different food types (improving chewing techniques, and eases teeth ware off).
If you don't provide something for it, they will find the solution in your furniture and you don't want that (read more about bunny behavior).

If you have missed previous posts about rabbits, I suggest you start here: bunnies-as-pets.

What? What did you say? (bunny language)
Lets now say something about bunny language and habits.

Teeth chattering- it can mean pleasure and pain. If you are cuddling your bunny, and he chatters softly (tooth purr), consider that as sign of pleasure. Much louder chattering indicates your bunny is in pain!

Thumping with back feet- it tells us, bunny is frustrated. He is telling you that way to step back, to stop following him. Just stop doing what you were, and give him some time to come to you by himself. Also it can indicate sexual frustration being close to bunny female, but being unable to reach her. If you own two bunnies being different sex, this is moment to separate them.

Hissing- your bunny is frightened. Next step can be attack. So, be careful.
Squealing- this tells us bunny is in extreme pain. It is serious situation. NEVER DISREGARD THIS NOISE! Always pay attention. Mostly bunnies make this noise moment before death.

Honhing- In bunny language this tells us bunny is annoyed. Stop doing that!

Light nudging with the nose- it means bunny is seeking for your attention. It is the sign to you that he cares for your attention. Be happy to see your bunny doing this to you. It means you are loved!

Strong nudging (pushing) with the nose- tells you bunny wants to be alone. Every being have moment when they are not in mood for play or company. Understand your rabbit's wishes, and come back later.

Pretending to chew something- your bunny is being content and relaxed.

Eating his droppings- some owners get really upset seeing this. This is surely one bunny behavior owners don't like to see! There is nothing to be worried about. Bunny droppings are rich in vitamin B which hasn't been used during first digestion. So, bunnies use this act to insure nothing is wasted. So, dear bunny owners, don't freak out! :)

Watch me doing binkies- when you see your bunny jumping and rolling, and running, it is sign of ultimate happiness. join your bunny, and play with him. This bunny behavior just makes you lie on the floor and share fun time with your bunny. Bunny doing binkies is one HAPPY bunny.

Running around your feet- tells you he is excited to see you, or he is sexually attracted to you.

Lying completely stretched out- if you see your bunny stretched out, with his hind legs to the back, and his front legs to the front, then leave him to rest. It is last stage of relaxing. He will fall asleep soon. He usually does this after good play.

Standing on hind legs- asking for attention. Mostly asking for food.

Running the bunny 500- Bunnies love to run. They will use your house as running polygon. They will test their abilities by changing directions fast, cutting around the corner, jumping, etc. Pay attention on their ears. If they are up, bunny is running of the fun. If ears are to the back, he is running from danger.

Nose wiggling- If wiggling is slow, it indicates your bunny is calm, and content. On the other hand, if nose wiggling is fast, it tells us bunny is agitated. Try to calm him, or if you were the reason for this, give him some time to calm down by himself.

Rubbing chin of things- I like you. You will be eaten soon (watch closely on that piece of furniture). If he did that to your hand, it meant affection.

Licking- it can mean various things: licking your hand (He is grooming you. It is great honor to have your bunny doing this to you. It is showing affection and accepting you as a master), licking your clothes (Also, showing affection), licking furniture (need for an other rabbit's companion-ship (if he is licking your spot on sofa, he is just imaging you instead of sofa).

Any change of behaviour can indicate health problems. Bunnies are not going to show us they are in pain or sick. They will just pull back to their safe corner and remain quiet. Watch out for this. If you see your bunny suddenly became quiet, and sad, take him to vet. Maybe it is just his bad day, but vet is always the best choice. Many diseases are threat able if discovered in early stage. In bunny language, this behavior means something went wrong! They are friendly and joyfull animals and it is to expect they are jumping and running across the house all the time (when not sleeping).

I hope you have found this Bunny Language and Habits post useful. Tell me about it. What else would you like to know?

This should be enough for this post. Tomorrow I will write more about teeth problems, nail clipping, shredding and bathing. Stay tuned.
Thank you for your time!


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