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Urinary Tract Infection in Bunnies / Bunny in Pain: Knowing the Signs

How to Recognize And Treat Urinary Tract Infection In Bunnies? Know the Signs of Pain In Rabbits To Not Oversee This Important Condition!

How important is it to notice your bunny is in pain? I am guessing everyone knows that. I am not sure everyone of you knows that this can be really tricky sometimes. OK, you as an owner, can learn trough the time to notice that something is going on with your bunny. Something is happening which is changing their normal behavior. 

Keep an eye on your pet
for the signs of existing pain.
Bunnies won't scream when in pain. Actually they won't let a single sound as an alarm to you that something is wrong. Then how can you tell if your bunny is in pain? and this is an important question, since aside from injuries, urinary tract infection is leading cause of the pain in these cute animals. 

In the article Bunny language and behavior, I was writing about the most common signs bunnies send to you when they are sad, sick and in pain. I suggest you to read it, and here I will repeat the most important things you should know. 

Recognize these signs of pain in bunnies, and treat your bunny in time:

fatigue, sleepy look, they hardly can walk, rejecting food (even the food they love the most), often they become aggressive if you try to cuddle them, wet nose, local signs which depend on the cause of the pain (swealling, blood...).

What are the main causes to urinary tract infection in bunnies? Knowing the reason to infection is key to proper prevention!

Well known bacteria, E. coli is leading cause of urinary tract infection in bunnies. Their pelvis and genitals are in constant contact with the ground, which leads to contamination of the surrounding fur with bacteria from the soil, floor or feces. If the litter box is not cleaned frequently, the pee absorbs into the fur, irritates the skin and genitals. Inflamed and damaged skin is perfect ground for bacterial colonization and this leads to the most cases of infections of urinary tract in rabbits. 
Other reasons are: bladder calculosis, anatomical abnormalities of urinary system, or too much of calcium in the food.

How to treat urinary infection in rabbits?


bunny in pain urinary tract infectionPrevention is the most important part. And Prevention is what we all can do. Make sure the litter box, or the place where your bunny pees is clean and changed frequently. This corner of theirs mustn't be wet, or it will wet the fur, and make it easier for bacteria to grow on their hair and skin.
If you notice that tail and hair around genitals is soaked with water or pee, you have to dry it out with paper towel.

If, anyhow, the infection happens, you need to take your bunny to the vet. The veterinarian is the only person who can treat these infections. He will also check out if there is something more important behind the pain your bunny is experiencing.

If you are not able to take the bunny to the vet immediately (it is night, it is the day of the weekend...) make sure their take lots of water to wash out the bacteria from their urinary system. it is known rabbits don't drink lots of water, so you will have to improvise. Offer them wet vegetables (parsley, salad, cabbage, carrot). Be there for them and keep in mind: dry up their fur using paper towel as often as you can.
During the infection, they will urinate every few minutes, and they will do it everywhere, since they cannot control the urge. Make sure that you clean it up right after they pee.

I hope this was helpful. For any question, please leave the comment!
Thank you.

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