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Delicious Organic Snacks for Pet Bunnies

Treat your Bunny with These Healthy Delicious Organic Snacks Made for Pet Bunnies!

Earlier I was writing about pellets, or dried food products rich in vitamins, but not so rich in fibers. Pellets and not snacks, at least they are not healthy snacks for your house bunny. They do consider them delicious, and they are organic, but pellets are carbs, which I don't recommend to be used often to feed your pet.

More about pellets you can read in this article:

Pellets and other snacks for your bunny
It is important to know which food is good and which is bad for your pet rabbit. Some food can be offered to bunnies on regular basis, and other bunnies shouldn't eat more than twice a week.
Learn how to organize your pet's diet in order to prevent serious diseases!

delicious organic snacks for pet bunnies
Rabbit snacks
What do you need to know about various types of snacks for bunnies? 

Are they safe for your pet bunny, and how often can you offer it to him?

First, you need to know something about gastrointestinal tract in rabbits, and the influence bad food has on it. In compare to human GI tract, main intestinal flora is consisted of Escherichia (lactobacillus in humans). While humans need to eat carbs in order to keep number of lactobacillus consistent, rabbits need to eat as many fiber rich food as possible. In their case, carbs are strictly forbidden given in high quantities, or given often. 
If you feed you house rabbit with lots of carbs, you can cause slowing down the GI motility, GI stasis, and later even ileus (gastrointestinal blockage). 
With fruit products, you need to be cautious, for very simple reason. That is because, while fruits are good in the way they are rich in fibers, they are also dangerous because of the high level of sugar. You have to choose proper combination and dosage for the best health of your loved ones. 

What type of delicious organic snacks to choose for your pet bunnies?

I choose only the best organic snacks for my Gary the Bunny!

These Vitakraft products you can see on the right, are perfect organic treats for your bunnies. There are various products in their product list, from all sorts of sticks (carrot, popcorn and alfalfa sticks...) to berry and yogurt drops.

Giving those snacks to your bunny once a day between meals you are making your loved one happier than ever, and plus you are providing essential ingredients for the best health of the pet rabbit.

This is great way to provide high quality and fun chewing exercise for them, insuring proper teeth wear down. Animals just like us are crazy about treats. In case of rabbits, treats are something a bit different from our sweets. While we can eat chocolate and cookies, your pets will have a lot more fun if you provide organic carrot and popcorn snacks for them. Snack made of fruits and vegetables that are allowed for your pets, are recommended for every day use. On the other hand, chocolate and other sweets are forbidden in bunny's diet!

More snacks for pet bunnies on Amazon:

I hope you have found enough high quality organic snacks for your pet bunnies here. I have presented you those I buy for my Gary, and I hope your rabbit will enjoy them as much as mine does.

Until next time, cheers!

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